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CHRONIC FAT OBESITYI’ve been wondering for a while just how long it would take for Obesity to move from being a medical issue to a social one, it seems we are right now on that cusp. Obesity has had so much bad publicity – deservingly so – over the past 5 years that the obese are striking back, no longer satisfied with the social stigma, and  often unable to lose the weight, the obese are becoming a large majority.

Fat activist Jackie Wykes recently posted a volatile question via theconversation.edu.au, asking How Anti Obesity Campaigns Re-inforce Stigma. Ms Wykes says “By focusing on weight as the problem and weight loss as the solution, social and economic inequalities are made invisible.” I’d reckon that in this country at least – and the world generally –  supermarkets would disagree entirely, never have groceries – fresh included – ever been so inexpensive, there is literally NO excuse today for BAD EATING HABITS!

According to Ms Wykes, health disparities between groups are blamed on individuals for not making healthy choices, ignoring the ways that the choices available to comfortably middle-class white Australians are often very different to those available to people on low incomes, to recent immigrants, or to Indigenous Australians.

This rhetoric clearly scirts the issue – yes obese people have rights, more rights than drug addicts, less than breast cancer patients, and about the same as rights as smokers –  in my mind the formula is pretty simple, EAT LESS! If you wish to make the argument complicated – it’s still diet based for the majority of obesity – then EAT CAREFULLY! :: Read the full article »»»»

Nine Network On Brink

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indeep-media-channel-nineAustralia: The owners of television network Nine Entertainment are meeting bankers to seek more time to pay off debts of more than $2.7 billion. Media analysts predict the owners, private equity firm CVC Asia Pacific, will get short shrift, which means the network is one step closer to a crisis not seen since entrepreneur Alan Bond took Nine to the brink of financial ruin. Shareholder activist Stephen Mayne says TV network owners have a habit of borrowing too much money. That, in hindsight, seems to be the problem besetting Nine.

“In the early 1990s all three networks were owned by the banks… these things come and go and ultimately they are profitable businesses,” Mr Mayne said. “Sometimes the owners get into trouble because they borrow too much money.” Read the full article »»»»